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  • Mr. Pelcl Mirko - Slovenia, site: Mirko old radio collection;
  • Mr. Petkovic Jovica - Belgrade, Serbia;
  • Mr. Zec Radoslav - Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Mr. Matic Dejan - Serbia;
  • Mr. Popov Dejan - Serbia;
  • Mr. Zoran - Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Mr. Miodrag Damnjanovic - Belgrade, Serbia site: "Ei Pionir" Zemun;
  • Ms Aleksandra Jovanovic - Belgrade, Serbia;
Ljubo's insignias page - Military and police insignias collection
Radio Club, Hertz, YU7ADY-Ada
Mirko old radio collection
EI Pionir UKT - Zemun
Combat Radio
Rusian Radio Museum
Bulgarian Army Radio
GreenRadio - G4NCE's Vintage Military Wireless Collection and Information Resource
RKK Radio Museum
Museum Radio Elektro Kragujevac - REK
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